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Added pictures from Standlake arena 2008 HMC (click on my banger pages above), not many I'm afraid. It as a good meeting with a good mixture of wrecking and racing. Roll on the rest of 2008.

More website improvements (I hope), changed all of the pictures over to flickr so it easier to see what pictures I've got and it's much easier to look at them the way you want to. Changed the buttons so they're a bit more interesting than before. Let me know if you don't like anything and I'll try my best to change it if I agree. Also added some general pictures (just click on My Pictures) for anyone who's interested.

Next project is going to be to change the text and info on some of the other pages, just to freshen everything up ready for the spring. More banger racing and more kite activity so long as the weather hold up better than this year.

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 This part of my website is dedicated to the sport of banger racing and short oval racing. I've been going racing for as long as I can remember and you just can't beat a Sunday spent watching some good old fashioned destruction!

This part of my website is about the sport of Traction (AKA Power) kiting which I started doing about 4 years ago. It is a truly amazing sport and from the second I tried a proper four line power kite I've never looked back! Definitely worth a go if you ever get the chance, I did and now I've got half a dozen kites, a buggy and a land board, so watch out :)