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JWWOZ Car Inflatable Bed Car Travel Bed Car Sleeping Mattress Car Inflatable Bed Car Rear Seat Extension Mattress (Color : Black) - B07XNJPTQN

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  • Intimate protective fence, head file, reclining can rely on. High load-bearing, multi-personal travel, comfortable corrugated, ergonomic design, evenly stressed without collapse. The towel is clean and clean.

  • Lathe high load-bearing: car rolling pressure is not reported, wear-resistant and durable, many people go together to do

  • Intimate children's file: prevent children from falling in the front row, driving without interference, and travel more peace of mind

  • Intimate head block: sitting with a backrest lying on the anti-collision head, posture change

  • Folding use, variable space, not limited by the size of the model space, easy to carry

  • Colour:Black

    It is warm in winter and cool in summer, antibacterial and breathable, and easy to clean. New environmentally friendly materials, the toughness increased by 5 times.

    Product Name: Car inflatable bed.

    Fabric: flocking

    Weight: 3kg

    Size: 180cm × 80cm

    Tip: When the air bed is not in use, please put the whole air bed into the storage bag.

    Precautions for use: When using the bed in winter, return to room temperature (or the temperature inside the car is 10 °C or more). When inflating, prevent the low temperature from plasticizing the bed, which may cause accidental cracking during use.(Inflatable beds can be used at low temperatures, but avoid folding at extreme low temperatures.

    Tips: When opening the package, there may be a slight odor, this smell is non-toxic and pollution-free, please feel free to use.

    The environmentally friendly material used in the air bed has a little smell. It only needs to be inflated and placed in a ventilated place to dry, and the smell can be quickly dissipated.

    It is not recommended to inflate the inflatable bed. It is better to lie down without any obvious depression after inflation.

    The pictures of our products are all taken in kind, and the color difference may be caused by shooting lights or monitors.

    The products are all measured by hand. There may be an error of about 1-2 cm, which will not affect the use. Please refer to the actual product received. Our products are delivered within 10-20 days. If you do not receive the product within 30 days, we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you and wish you a happy shopping.

    JWWOZ Car Inflatable Bed Car Travel Bed Car Sleeping Mattress Car Inflatable Bed Car Rear Seat Extension Mattress (Color : Black) - B07XNJPTQN

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