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Now added pictures from Standlake HMC 2008. Not many i'm afraid, but i'll add the ones taken by my brother when i get time

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Welcome to Marks Banger Pages. This part of my site is dedicated to banger racing. I've been going banger racing on and off for as long as I can remember.

My dad used to race bangers at the Hare and Hounds near Newbury (I'd be interested to hear from anyone who can remember that track) before the track was moved to Paices Hill ( unfortunately now gone!).




He then built a Mini to race in the Hotrods (as it was then known) at Standlake and Farringdon. After a very shaky start involving the car being destroyed (luckily without him in it!) and a lengthy rebuild that involved reconstructing most of the car after having only just built it! He managed to have quite a successful run before lack of money and other commitments made him retire from racing!


After a long break he raced a metro in the 1450 Prod rods at standlake. But for a non contact class the car took a bit too much punishment as you can see from the pictures so he finally gave up.

So Standlake is where I go to watch when I can (I don't drive at the moment so it's a bit difficult). Thanks to my brother for taking me whenever he can, I get to most of the bigger meetings. See My Banger Links for a link to the Standlake Arena web site.