This page was last updated on 28/11/2007

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Welcome to Marks Kite Pages.

It started when I brought a two line kite (Flexfoil Stacker 6) while on holiday and took it to my local sports field to give it a fly. It was there that I was introduced to my local kite club. Everybody that I have met through the club was enthusiastic and willing to help. After flying the stacker for a couple of weeks I was offered a go on a 2.6m Flexifoil Blade.

BIG MISTAKE I was instantly addicted and I was soon the proud owner of a 2.6m Blade! Shortly followed by a second hand buggy and a NASA wing. Its kind of gone on from there.

My equipment now consists of:

  • 3.5m Kinell Fusion
  • 4.9m Kinell Fusion
  • 9.5m Ozone Frenzy
  • 4.2m C-Quad, NASA Wing
  • Flexifoil (02) Buggy
  • Scrub Furnace Creek ATB

If anybody reading this wants to have a go either:

If you see someone flying ask them for advise (I've yet to come across someone who if you show interest will not be willing to help) they might even let you have a go if you ask nicely


Find you're  nearest kite shop and ask if they can arrange for you to have some instruction and a test fly before you spend all of you're cash on a kite that either doesn't suite your needs or that is too big (the end result will be painful).

Don't go out on your own without any knowledge at all. Power kites can be lots of fun but you must have respect for them and a good idea of what you're limitations are otherwise you'll probably regret it!